Design Vision
Flexing bed G_Bed, QuickTime movie (932K)
This is was part of a demo for an at home invalid bed. This tiny animation shows some of the different settings and range of motion. Done in Strata StudioPro. One of my oldest animations...
Kellogg's Kellogg's, QuickTime movie (800K)
This is a simple example of the use of bones in ElectricImage.
Plam tree Misty Palm, QuickTime movie (1.9MB)
This is a sample of cast light rays in ElectricImage.
Fruit tree Fruit Tree, QuickTime movie (1.5MB)
This is a test using a combination of two plug-ins for ElectricImage.
Close call Close_call, QuickTime movie, 260 x 111 pixels (600K)
This is a "ruff" test using the PowerParticles 1.5 plug-in for ElectricImage. Five layers were composited in After Effects for this short animation.
FRONT Capital Systems ARENA FRONT Capital Systems ARENA, QuickTime movie, 320 x 240 pixels (4.6MB)
A fly through rendered in ElectricImage. I used a five frame blurring, then down sampled from 50 frames per second to 25 frames per second. The original was done for PAL video.
Rusty the Bolt Rusty_the_Bolt, QuickTime movie, 280 x 400 pixels (3.7MB)
This is a sample done from a tutorial. I only added a bite of displacement to strengthen the effect. Rendered in ElectricImage Universe. I used two shaders from Konkeptoine.

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